It is valuable to address the limitations in order to better understand the problems this technology does not currently solve. Considering such limitations also allows us to think critically about other potential future use cases.


It is not possible to send yourself, or anyone you know, through the internet. While it is possible to purchase an airplane ticket through a travel website, order a ride from your home to the airport, that is about the closest thing we have to teleportation.


The worldwide phenomena known as "gravity" is not well understood. Although we have overcome many difficulties through the internet, gravity keeps us grounded and no website has figured out how to overcome this on a mass scale. Anti-gravity machines exist to imatate a scenario of a gravity-free world, but this is as close as we have come to deleting gravity from our environment.


Hunger is a problem in every country. Food is essential for life and although some individuals eat way too much, others have not enough to keep themselves alive. Although teleportation and getting rid of gravity would be cool, there is really no reason we can't use the internet to reduce, if not alleviate this problem.

Critical Thinking Time!

What limitations have you experienced when using a website?